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new_justice is a community dedicated to the Cartoon Network Animated Series Young Justice.


1.) Be polite. Disagreement is fine, but personal attacks are not.

2.) Please stay on-topic. This means, specifically, relating in some way to the Young Justice cartoon.

3.) All adult content must go behind a cut. All adult content must be clearly warned for.

4.) Any spoilers must be clearly warned for and behind a cut.

5.) Any large images, more than one or two small images, long posts, spoilers and all fanfiction must go behind a cut.

6.) All fanfiction must have a header containing, at minimum, the rating, any warnings and a brief summary.

7.) Please tag posts appropriately. You can go here for tagging rules and to request new tags.

8.) Moderator's choice.

Affiliates: yj_anon_meme - The Young Justice Animated Anonymous Fic Meme

(If you would like to be listed as an affiliate, please contact the moderator.)

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